Independent Cavy Club Shows

Independent Cavy Clubs are known for supporting all pedigree and pet guinea pigs


Independent New Zealand Cavy Clubs are clubs which continue to hold shows under the Rules and Standards of the New Zealand Cavy Judges Association and are Independent from the new body.  We hold an annual Nationwide Cavy Show on Labour weekend which is open to members of any Cavy Club in NZ.  You can register a stud name with us by following the link.  There is no annual fee to pay, just a one off small registration fee. 

All breeds are welcome at any Independent Cavy Clubs. The New Zealand Cavy Judges Association (NZCJA) was formed when purebred cavies were first imported into New Zealand by Jack Whitworth (1976). Jack began to train judges to the English standard and the Association was formed as a result. NZCJA judges have been officiating at New Zealand Cavy Shows ever since. 


New Zealand Cavy Club is one of the Independent Cavy Clubs in New Zealand. It is for people who breed and show cavies (guinea pigs).

The Club holds shows under the auspices and rules of the New Zealand Cavy Judges Association (NZCJA). The Club puts on five shows a year. These shows are combined with the Taranaki Cavy Group (TGC).

If you are a member you can show your pedigree cavies or your pet guinea pigs at a New Zealand Cavy Club show. Venues between Hillsborough Hall, Egmont Road, New Plymouth and Oroua Downs Hall, Himatangi. Both clubs hold a show at the same venue.  So double shows.

Annual Membership fee: $10 Single; $15 Family; $5 Junior (under 16 years).

The Northern Rabbit and Cavy Club


The Northern Rabbit and Cavy Club is for people who wish to show their Rabbits and Guinea Pigs in Pedigree or Pet Shows.  We are an Independent Club in Whangarei and we welcome new members of all ages.  We are a fun, family-friendly club, so come to one of our shows and view the different Rabbit and Guinea Pig breeds, talk to the exhibitors.

The Club holds three shows in Whangarei at St John's Golden Church Hall, Kamo Rd, Whangarei.

Annual Membership fee: $15 Adults, $20 family, $10 Kids (under 15 years).


North Canterbury Guinea Pigs is an independent club based in North Canterbury, New Zealand. We hold regular shows under the rules and standards of the NZ Cavy Judges Association. We hold pet and pedigree shows throughout the year, as well as other social events for members. Our motto is "if it isn't fun, we don't do it", so our events are all about friendliness and enjoying our guinea pigs.

Phone Jenny on 021 1475 245 or email us at

Our show venue is the Scout Hall, Woodend. Annual Membership fee: $10 Adult, $20 Family, $5 Kids.

Hamilton and Waikato Area Guinea Pig Club

Started in 2020 a new Independent Cavy Club and we hold regular shows at Puketaha Hall, Puketaha Road, Hamilton.  Join our Facebook or alternatively email us at:


Capital Cavy Club is joined with the Independent Cavy Clubs of New Zealand. ​ Here at Capital Cavy Club, we strive on being a friendly, caring and educational club. We have members from all different backgrounds and ages, as we offer anyone with an interest in Guinea Pigs to come along to our show days and meet the club members!    These show days are great for learning more, asking experienced breeders and owners about cavies, engaging with judges who are extremely knowledgeable and are eager to help. By coming along to a show, it will open your eyes to a world you may have never considering yourself interested in, as well as meeting some amazing people.

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