Rare in New Zealand

Dark Eyed Whites is a Rare Guinea Pig Breed

Pedigree Dark Eyed Whites are making a fantastic comeback

Dark Eyed White guinea pigs (cavies) are rare in New Zealand but are not exclusive as several countries also have this breed.  Independent Cavy Club members are working on bringing numbers up and exhibiting them in shows. 

Also referred to as 'DE Whites' they have pure snow-white coat that is lustrous with a glossy sheen and of even shade all over head, body and feet.  Eyes are dark with a hint of ruby and ears are large and drooping.  As of 2022, this breed is successfully making a fantastic comeback.

Pair of Dark Eyed White Guinea Pigs
Dark Eyed White in Cavy Show

Pedigree Dark Eyed White Show Standards with Independent Cavy Clubs

Dark Eyed White Cavy Show Standard
Baby Guinea Pigs holding hands
DE White Cavy

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