Pandas are genetically Silver Agoutis

Rare Panda Guinea Pig Breed

Pandas are one of New Zealand's rarest unique breeds

Panda guinea pigs (cavies) are an exclusive and extremely rare pedigree breed.  They are very striking with their white coat, black eyes, ears and feet.  Pandas are genetically a Silver Agouti cavy without the black hair present.  The only outcross for Pandas is using a Silver Agouti or Silver Agouti dilute.

The first standard for the Pandas was presented to the New Zealand Cavy Club and NZ Cavy Judges Association in 1979 by Christa Krey, who created this breed with guinea pigs from her work at Victoria University.  The second standard was presented to NZ Cavy Judges Association in 1990. This standard was then accepted as the standard for the Panda breed.

Pandas were in cavy shows in the 1990's but unfortunately the interest of this breed declined and are now today extremely rare with a couple of members doing their best to bring it back with the hope that Pandas will again be at an Independent Cavy Club show.  It is one of the breeds that receives alot of interest from the public online, which is lovely.

Pedigree Panda Show Standards by Independent Cavy Clubs

Panda Cavy Show Standard
Unique NZ Cavy Breed Panda Cavies

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