New Zealand Unique and Rare Guinea Pigs is a cavy club that exists to protect our NZ-created pedigree guinea pig (cavy) breeds.

Our unique breeds were created in recent years and back in the 1970's, with breeds originated by talented New Zealand Cavy Judges (NZCJA Judges).  New Zealand is home to five unique pedigree breeds, and they need our support!

Connected with Independent Cavy Clubs, members are continuing to exhibit our unique breeds and aiming for success in pedigree main shows.  Independent Cavy Clubs are the only clubs that continues to recognize our NZ-created pedigree guinea pigs and support exhibitors who wish to breed and show them.  Our unique breeds should always be exhibited in shows in our own country.

Each unique pedigree breed has its own page which includes photos, facts and cavy show standards.

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New Zealand's Unique and Rare Pedigree Guinea Pig Breeds

New Zealand Plumes

Are quite spectacular with their "mohawk" like ridge running down their back with a cascading tail of hair.  A roughcoat breed created in the 1970's.  They are rare but numbers have increased in recent years by members and are exhibited in more shows.


Created in the 1970's and are very striking with their white coats, black eyes, ears and feet.  Extremely rare guinea pigs and desperately need help to get numbers back up.  We do have a couple of members working on this.


Are so unusual that it's hard to look away! With their ruffles and rosettes and reverse growing hair! Extremely rare breed with no known exhibitor working on this breed but could be possible to bring Bonnets back.


Some say they look like 'Wombats'; others say they look like 'Ewoks'.  Either way, they definitely grab attention within the cavy fancy.  With an even mixture of chocolate and white hair and named after the tweed material.  New Zealand's latest unique breed with full pedigree show standards.

New Zealand Peruvian Cavy Breed

New Zealand Peruvians

New Zealand's pedigree longhair breed created in the 1970's.  With their hair falling from a full circle on their back rather than a parting line.  A real unique longhair breed unlike any others.  One known exhibitor working on this breed.

Dark Eyed Whites

Rare but are not unique to New Zealand.  With Independent Cavy Club members successfully working on bringing up numbers and exhibiting them.  They have pure snow-white coats with dark eyes and look quite remarkable. 

Support NZ Unique Guinea Pigs with Independent Cavy Clubs

Please support New Zealand's unique guinea pigs (cavies) by checking out our list of Independent Cavy Clubs and stop by your nearest show and you could see a New Zealand unique breed.  Independent Cavy Clubs are the only clubs that continues to recognize our exclusive pedigree breeds.  There are several shows happening across the country throughout the year that includes Pedigree Shows and Pet Shows.  Independent Cavy Club show locations include Rangiora, Wellington, New Plymouth, Hamilton and Whangarei areas.  We also hold The Nationwide Cavy Show annually in one of the locations.

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