Pedigree Guinea Pig Breeds Created by Kiwi Cavy Judges

New Zealand Unique and Rare Guinea Pigs is an independent cavy club that supports and celebrates New Zealand's unique and rare pedigree guinea pig (cavy) breeds.

We use the word 'unique' to describe pedigree breeds that were created in New Zealand by talented Kiwi Cavy Judges, who belong to the New Zealand Cavy Judges Association (NZCJA).  Additionally, we advocate for any rare breeds when needed.

Our cavy club has no cost and provides a great resource for everything you need to know about unique and rare pedigree guinea pig breeds.

What Guinea Pig (Cavy) Breeds are Unique and Rare in NZ?

New Zealand Plume

New Zealand Plume was created in 1976 in Wellington.  With a well raised ridge about 1cm in height and progressing from the shoulders straight down the body and sharply rising in length to form a high-arched, luscious rooster tail.  Find out more on New Zealand Plume Cavy Breed.


One of the many appeals of this 30-year-old unique breed is the contrast between hair and visible skin.  All hair is white without masking, with exposed skin as black as possible.  Pandas has black eyes, ears, mouth, nostrils and foot pads.  Find out more about the Panda Cavy Breed.


Bonnets are in a disaster of a situation.  Our club believes it is a 'lost breed' and will unlikely have a comeback.  This is a very sad situation and is a reminder that all breeds are equal and deserve support, be it a NZ created one or not.  Unfortunately, the club formed too late to save this breed .  Find out more about the Bonnet Cavy Breed.


Tweed is the epic new pedigree breed that achieved full show standards in 2016 by the New Zealand Cavy Judges Association.  With an even mixture of chocolate and white hair and named after the tweed material.  Created by senior cavy judge Christa Krey.  Find out more on Tweed Cavy Breed.

New Zealand Peruvian

New Zealand's longhair breed.  With their long, glamourous locks falling from a full circle on their backs rather than a parting line like the English version.  Their hair can grow up to 60cm long.  NZ Peruvian breed is close to 50-years-old.  Find out more on New Zealand Peruvian Cavy Breed.

Dark Eyed White

We currently support this rare but not unique breed.  Dark Eyed White with pure snow-white coat and dark eyes which look quite remarkable.  There is also a satin and a crested version.  Independent Cavy Club members are working on bringing this breed back to a good place.  Find out more about the Dark Eyed White Cavy Breed.

Why do New Zealand Cavy Breeds Need Support?

Sadly, in 2015 there was a need to create our club as our unique pedigree breeds were declining in numbers and was disappearing from cavy shows.  Many exhibitors wanted something positive to be done before it was too late.  New Zealand breeds should always be exhibited at shows in our own country, and not be excluded and forgotten about.

Fortunately, Independent Cavy Clubs continue to recognise the unique breeds and you can spot them beautifully displayed on the show bench only at independent clubs across the country.

Panda Pedigree Guinea Pig Breed NZ
New Zealand Cavy Club 1976 featuring Pedigree New Zealand Plume

Show winners with New Zealand Cavy Club in the 1970's, featuring New Zealand Plume cavy.

Introducing Independent New Zealand Cavy Clubs

Exhibiting guinea pigs is a rewarding, challenging and fun hobby and is great for people of all ages.  A lovely way to bond with your guinea pigs and to keep an eye on their health and hopefully win some titles, championship points, ribbons and prizes together.

Independent Clubs are the only cavy clubs that continue to support our New Zealand unique and rare pedigree breeds and the exhibitors who wish to breed and show them.

The New Zealand Cavy Judges Association (NZCJA) was formed in 1976 with NZCJA judges officiating at New Zealand cavy shows ever since.

There are several pedigree and pet shows happening throughout the year.  New members and visitors are always welcome.

Where are the 6 Independent Cavy Clubs?

•  The Northern Rabbit and Cavy Club - Whangarei

•  Hamilton and Waikato Area Guinea Pig Club - Hamilton

•  Taranaki Cavy Group - New Plymouth

•  New Zealand Cavy Club - Foxton / Levin

•  Capital Cavy Club - Wellington

•  North Canterbury Guinea Pigs - Rangiora

The highly regarded Nationwide Cavy Show is held in Hamilton on 5th October 2024.  The massive annual pedigree cavy event in New Zealand.

The Nationwide Cavy Show Hamilton 2024



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Four New Zealand Plume are being judged by a NZ cavy judge in New Plymouth.

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