ruffles, rosettes and reverse growing hair

Bonnet Cavy

Bonnets are the rarest unique breed

Pedigree Bonnet cavies are so unusual that it's hard to look away! With their ruffles and rosettes and reverse growing hair!

Many years ago, a woman named Ethel Mckeown of Nemora Cavies bred two Smoothcoat cavies together. The resulting litter was all born with a fur fault.  Ethel liked the appearance of this fur fault and decided to do selective breeding to develop this fault.

She started showing them under the section of Rare Varieties and showed at the Nationals for the cavies at the 17th National Show, three of which were placed, this was in 1997. The standards followed this and by the 20th show in the year 2000 they were being included in the Roughcoat Section.  There is a Satin version.

Bonnets are extremely rare with no known exhibitor working on the breed.  However, it could be possible to bring the uniquebreed back again.

Exclusive Breed Bonnet Cavy being judged

Pedigree Bonnet Show Standards with Independent Cavy Clubs

Bonnet Cavy Show Standard
Unique Cavy Breed A Bonnet Guinea Pig

The Genetics of Bonnets

The dominant gene R gives rosettes in the coat while rr cavies are smooth coated. The effect of R is enhanced by the modifying genes mm, so that RRmm cavies are fully rosetted. Rrmm cavies may lack some rosettes. Where the genotype is RrMM or RRMM the cavy nearly always has the hair on its toes growing backwards up the foot or in small whirls. The rest of the coat is usually smooth, though occasionally there is a ridge down the back and one or two rudimentary rosettes on each side of the spine ( the basics for Bonnets).

Unique Bonnet Guinea Pig Breed

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