Some say Tweeds look like 'Wombats' others say they look like 'Ewoks'

Cutest Guinea Pig Breed Tweeds

Tweeds are New Zealand's latest unique breed

Tweed guinea pigs (cavies) are unique in many ways. Some say they look like 'Wombats'; others say they look like 'Ewoks'.  Either way, they definitely grab attention within the Cavy Fancy. Tweed Cavies are a new breed and recently achieved Full Pedigree Main Show CavyStandards at Independent Cavy Clubs across NZ. 

The following is an explanation from their Creator here in NZ, Christa Krey.  

I have decided to call them Tweeds as the overall effect is that of Tweed material, an even intermingling of chocolate and white hair all over body and head. The ears and foot pads are chocolate, eyes dark and rimmed in chocolate (what would be called eye circles in Agoutis). The nose and lips are chocolate and surrounded by a small self-coloured patch.  The rest of the cavy is uniformly tweed. They look rather nice in Satin and come in lighter and darker. 

First Tweed Cavy to get Best In Show
New Zealand's First Champion Tweed Cavy
Three shades of Tweed Cavies
Tweed Baby Guinea Pig

The Genetics of Tweed Cavies

The gene arrived with my first import of Satin cavies in 1985, though hidden as these were solid gold in colour.  After mating with other colours, the gene appeared in chocolate-gold-white tricolours, but only affected the chocolate colour, not the gold or white.  

It seemed to be a sub-gene of chocolate (NOT a lethal gene like Roan and Dalmatian), expressing itself as an even mixture of chocolate and white hair. Not unlike the grizzling in some chocolate cavies, which usually disappears when the cavy grows.  However, this gene did actually express itself better as the cavy grew and did not disappear over time.  It looked rather attractive, and I decided to try a cavy in this, in an overall uniform version.  

After many years breeding the gene through all available colours (the only out-cross is self-chocolate, I now know) and many set-backs-I have finally reached the point where I have some animals good enough to present for a provisional standard.

- Creator Christa Krey

Guinea Pig that looks like a Wombat
Showing Pedigree Tweed Cavies
Rare Tweed Baby Guinea Pig

Pedigree Tweed Show Standards by Independent Cavy Clubs

Tweed Cavy Show Standard
NZ Unique Tweed Cavy
Cute Tweed Guinea Pig Face
Light version of Tweed Cavy

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