New Zealand Peruvians

Many years ago in the 1950's, a woman migrated from England to NZ with her English Peruvians and Abyssinian cavies.  There were no cavy shows or clubs, so she mixed mated her cavies and sold the babies as pets.  She lived in Wellington. Christa Krey found her when she was looking for a pet for her 9 year old son and saw some of her longhairs and bought some for herself.  They had more than two rosettes and a coarser coat.

When the inaugural meeting to form a cavy club, was held in the Wellington area in January 1976 more than 70 people turned up with some of their cavies.  Many of these were plume type and NZ Peruvian type with four or more rosettes, probably all going back to the 1950's pigs.  Lots of these people wanted to show, but English pedigree imports were few at that stage and did not breed fast enough.  Therefore the Committee of the newly formed National Cavy Club of New Zealand ( later renamed New Zealand Cavy Club because we were not allowed the word National when incorporating), drew up standards for two breeds, the NZ Plume and the NZ Peruvian for members to work with to produce show able cavies.

There were some lovely Plumes and NZ Peruvians shown for some time until more pedigree stock from English imports became available and breeders turned to those.  Just a few breeders persevered.  Sadly the NZ Peruvians got bred with the imported English Peruvians that had a much finer coat.  So NZ Peruvians with the thicker coarser coat disappeared.

One of the late Betty Campbell's NZ Peruvians. Photo taken in the late 1970's.



Head: Broad with prominent eyes                                                                               10

Fringe: Completely covering face                                                                                 10

Texture: To be course and dense                                                                                 20

Fall of hair: Radiating in a circle from a strong center rosette                              25

Evenness of coat: To be of same length all round                                                   25

Condition and size:                                                                                                            5

Presentation:                                                                                                                       5

                                                                                                                                       = 100

Remarks: The New Zealand Peruvian differs from the English Peruvian in that the hair falls from one of the two centre rosettes that is the stronger of the two.  So that the coat can be brushed into a full circle with no parting.  The NZ Peruvian should not have more then four rosettes, two on the centre back and two on the rump.

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