First Standard for the Pandas were presented to the New Zealand Cavy Club and judges in 1979 by Christa Krey, second standard was presented to the Judges Association in 1990 this standard was then accepted as the standard for the cavy.  Pandas are genetically a Silver Agouti cavy without the black hairs present.  They are a black skin guinea pigs with white hair and look very stunning.

Cazoo Foxtrot with Cazoo Golf


Colour: Coat to be as white as possible, to be short and smooth                                 20

Shape: Cobby and firm in the flesh                                                                                       10

Body: Skin dark as possible and nostrils to be black                                                        10

Ears: To be large, drooping and as black as possible                                                        15

Eyes: Large, bold, black with black rims                                                                                15

Feet: To be black skinned without any pink skin patches or pads                                  20

Presentation: As in self white                                                                                                  10

                                                                                                                                                   = 100

Faults: masking or ticked feet, flesh patches on feet, black ear rims only, flesh coloured nostrils.

Disqualifications: fatty eye, breaks in coat, side whiskers, quiffs on belly, rosettes, running lice.

Kotuku Peniel

Kotuku Raquiel

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