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New Zealand Plume

Welcome to our website that is to introduce you to some of the amazing cavy pedigree breeds that are unique and rare in New Zealand.  These beautiful breeds are: New Zealand Plumes, Bonnets, Tweeds, Pandas and New Zealand Peruvians.

New Zealand Unique Cavies is to promote the showing of our unique and rare breeds in main shows across the country with the full support of New Zealand Cavy Judges Association and Independent New Zealand Cavy Clubs.  NZ Unique Cavies believe all breeds that are exclusive to our country are special and something to be proud of and are equal to all pedigree breeds.  Our aim is to raise awareness for these breeds and connect with all people who are interested in our special NZ breeds.  We offer support, information and advice through this website and our Facebook.  We have pages on each breed including photos, history, genetics and main show breed standards.

Please join our Facebook Group and you will see more beautiful photos and news from club members and cavy clubs throughout the country.  Also one of the best place if you are interested in finding a breeder.

Permission is needed via Contact page to use any content from this website.

The club would like to extent a big thank you:

To Christa Krey and Ethel McKewon for all their work and perseverance on the Bonnets, Pandas and Tweeds and getting their standards through to the NZ Cavy Judges Association.

A huge thank you to the NZ Cavy Judges Association for doing all the standards for our lovely breeds and for all the breeders before us and currently that have taken the time to work on these breeds.

And lastly a thank you to the members who provided photos for our club.

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